Jasmine Abena Colgan

Naa N’ku Müna: The Rise of Cowrism is an artistic book with an eclectic collection of imagery which explores the cultural dynamics of feminine afro-futurism. Each image was created by hand and then digitized to be constructed as a representation of a material object that portrays African diaspora. 


Long ago, the stones in the land were able to walk on the soil and wander about freely. It seems like yesterday when animals were able to speak with humans. The trees would alert living beings when the weather would shift. There was a point where the Earth was connected with the sky, close enough that the village fetish priest would request his small boy to run up the hill and fetch a small bushel of cloud fluff for mind cleansing. During this period of time, the people of our village would consult the Queen Mother for guidance. Müna is a woman of wish, desire and belief; our Queen who holds much power for she is a bearer of life.

MFA Interview with Kealey Boyd

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