Katie Minyard

In my paintings and installations shiny, reflective materials allude to queer identity, sexuality, and fantasy. Enticement, yearning, and romance are portrayed in realistically painted images. As an artist, I tell a story of desire and self-actualization through a radically nurturing relationship to my body and my being. My aesthetic is inspired by my matriarchal lineage, kitsch expressions of love, stolen glances at Dad’s hidden porno magazines and the representation of the sexualized female body in historical European figure painting.

Oil paints, luxurious fabrics, glitter, and sequins are combined in dream-like compositions of sexual affirmation. The images depict the soft focus and dramatic lighting of pornography, reflections, sex toys, and the self-empowering and self-pleasuring female body. I want my paintings and installations to challenge those whose gaze on them to consider hedonistic impulses, repression, consumption and sexual attraction.

Wet Dream, 2018


Oil and sequins on canvas

Object of my Desire, 2018

Oil and glitter on canvas


To My Sweet Pussy, 2019

Oil and glitter on linen


Tell Me I'm Pretty, 2018

Oil and glitter on linen


Oral Fixation, 2019

Oil and glitter on canvas


Oh Yes Girl!, 2019

Oil, sequins, glitter, and gold trim on canvas


Tending Her Garden (Cum Shots) #1-9, 2019-20

Glitter cum on floral silk sheet samples

Last progress shot of thesis painting before COVID-19 hit

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